Every year when the Claverie is dormant for some time …

Philip and Mary accompanied trips around the world. Passionate about nature and wildlife, they have of course some preferences, destinations they love above all, such as Benin, Egypt, Kenya, Argentina, southern Africa, Iceland , Spain or Svalbard, etc.

They create themselves all their travel, go on locating, linking relationships with local people and experts working on site, or rely on local guides in countries they know well.

For all their travels, they collaborating Yuhina, tourism association approved (to see all trips, click the link below).


If you wish, Marie and Philippe will be happy to arrange trips to the card, from 4 or 6 persons, Spain, Egypt, Benin, Kenya, Iceland, etc.


A Massaï Mara, au Kenya, il arrive que le guépard grimpe naturellement sur le 4x4 pour observer les alentours. Emotions garanties !

Kenya E


In northern Benin, the traditional home of the Somba ethnic group, where Marie and Philippe go several months each year and where they created a humanitarian association "Koutammarikou.


LThe Valdes Peninsula, a World Natural Heritage. Where whales come to give birth to their calves in clear waters.


Iceland is the youngest planet earth: when it emerged from the ocean, dinosaurs were already extinct for over 20 million years.

Benin Patagonia Iceland


Egypt has fascinated the West for more than two centuries (and the return of Bonaparte's expedition ...).



More than just a journey, an expedition in Namibia is an incredible journey across time and space.



The "pearl" of Botswana, is clearly the most lavish and most magical of all African nature reserves, one that dreams many naturalists love of Africa.

Botswana E

Aiguillon Bay

Each year, in the spring or autumn, Marie and Philippe organize stays of discovery of landscapes and birds of the Bay of Aiguillon.

Aiguillon Bay

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